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Current Tariff for Natural Gas Service
Customer Bill of Rights


The residential monthly customer charge includes $0.20 collected under Delta's Energy Assistance Program Tariff Rate.
Effective February 1, 2005 a Gas Technology Institute Research & Development Tariff of $0.0002 per Ccf is included on bills rendered to all Residential, Small Non-Residential, Large Non-Residential, Interruptible and On-System Transportation customers.

Effective August 21, 2018 , all customers receiving service under Delta’s Residential, Small Non-Residential, Large Non-Residential and Interruptible Rate Schedules will be assessed a monthly Pipe Replacement Program charge as follows:

Residential $3.33/month                               
Small Non-Residential $6.35/month
Large Non-Residential $47.54/month
Interruptible $368.97/month                        

Effective January 2, 2019, all customers receiving service under Delta's Residential, Small None-Residential, Large  Non-Residential, and Interruptible Rate Schedules, will be Subject to monthly Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Surecredit as follows:

Schedule Type Through 3/31/19 Thereafter*
Residential $9.55/month $3.83/month
Small Non-Residential $18.17/month $7.29/month
Large Non-Residential $136.11/month $54.58/month
Interruptible $923.88/month $370.49/month

*Surecredits are subject to future change.

Interruptions are generally infrequent and limited to periods when weather deviates dramatically from normal. Customers with inputs in excess of 2,500,000 BTU may be required to enter into an Interruptible Sales Agreement.

Delta has a Weather Normalization Adjustment clause in effect for Residential and Small Non-residential customers. The WNA is in effect for bills rendered from December through April and rates to those classes of customers are adjusted to reflect deviations from normal weather.

Transportation Service

Delta's on-system transportation rate is the monthly customer charge and the base rate for each respective class of service. Delta's off-system transportation rate is $0.2826 per mcf. Delta will discuss transportation services with interested parties.

For additional information on Delta’s transportation service please contact:

Don Cartwright

Vice President – Gas Supply

Delta Natural Gas Co., Inc.

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